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Events in Budapest 2018. Part 2

We continue our previous blog post on what events are going to take place in Budapest this year from June till December.


Budapest Summer Festival

Dates: 09 June-31 August
Place: multiple locations
Entry: starting from 3500 HUF

During this festival taking place almost throughout the whole summer, plenty of different activities, cultural programs, music performances and concerts will be available for the visitors. The festival will be opened on 9th of June at 20.00 with a jubilee concert dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the event. Among many highlights of the summer festival, the following performances will definitely make your summer visit to the Hungarian capital unforgettable- Jeff Mills concert, the Great Gatsby ballet, open air theatres at Margaret island and Városmajor.

Red Bull Air Race

Dates: 23-24 June
Place: Danube riverside
Entry: tickets for public grandstand start at 9000 HUF

Red Bull Air Race is something you will never forget even if you do not consider yourself a fan of extreme sports. If you never heard of about the race , this is the time! The best pilots from all over the world will take part in this breathtaking air competition right in the center of Budapest, making terrific performances over the Danube riverside and maneuvering under the iconic Chain Bridge.

The Night of Museums

Dates: 23-24 June
Place: Danube riverside
Entry: adult 1700 HUF , children 800 HUF

Many museums and exhibition will hold their doors open for its visitors on the night of June 24th. The event is a great chance to get in touch with local history and arts as well as spend quality time with friends and family members. More than 50 museums and 80 programs of all tastes will be offered on this summer night. The special bus line can be used at no charge with the entrance ticket.


Vajdahunyad Castle Summer Music Festival

Dates: 02 July-16 August
Place: Vajdahunyad Castle
Entry: 3 500 – 5 500 HUF.

Visiting one of the most romantic castles in Budapest – Vajdahunyad Castle- is a must. So why not to combine it with great event taking placein the middle of summer? The sounds of classical music concerts or traditional Hungarian gypsy music for sure won’t let you stay indifferent.

Evening Concerts in Budapest Zoo

Dates: 04 July-22 August
Place: Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden
Entry: from 1900 HUF

Great music, romantic atmosphere, magical setting and fresh summer breeze… how else would you describe your perfect summer night? That’s what you get when join this kind of event in Budapest. Jazz, classical and klezmer musical performances will be held almost every Wednesday from the begging of July till the middle of August.

Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Dates: 28-30 July
Place: Hungaroring
Entry: from 24000 HUF

We guess nobody needs an explanation of what Formula 1 is. Every year Formula 1 fans come to Budapest to witness one of the greatest races. The qualifying runs will happen on 27-28 of July, while the date of the main race is 29th of July. Make sure to buy your tickets asap as they are usually sold out long before the event starts. All the additional information as well as ticket prices can be found on the official page of the event.


sziget festival budapest

Sziget Festival           

Dates: 08-15 August
Place: Óbuda Island
Entry: one-day ticket 21000 HUF

Get ready for one of the Europe’s biggest summer music festivals in Budapest! Good vibes, worldwide famous artists, stunning music performances and many more is waiting for you on the Óbuda Island. The event will last for the whole week in August, offering wide range of activities and programs. The list of performers, ticket prices and detailed program for the festival can be found here.

St. Stephen’s Day

Dates: 18-20 August
Place: multiple locations
Entry: free

20th of August is an important day for Hungarians, as they celebrate the foundation of the Hungarian state more than thousand years ago. It is national holiday and it is widely celebrated across the country. The celebration will take place in multiple locations all over Budapest, including fireworks by the Danube riverside and processions next to St. Stephen’s Basilica.


Jewish Cultural Festival Budapest

Dates: 02-13 September
Place: several locations
Entry: from 2900 HUF

The role of Jews in Hungarian history and culture is hard to underestimate and joining this event is a great chance to get a better look at Hungarian Jewish community and traditions. The epicenter of this festival is Dohány Street Central Synagogue, which is a must to visit for anyone coming to Budapest, as it is the second largest synagogue in the world.

Budapest Wine Festival

Dates: 06-09 September
Place: Buda Castle
Entry: from 3200 HUF

Hungarians are widely known for their wine and gastro culture. At this festival even the pickiest person will be satisfied with a great variety of award-winning Hungarian wines and different types of fine food, while enjoying musical performances. Tokaji wine is not the only famous one that will be presented during this International Wine Festival , as the main focus will be on Chilean spirits and gastronomy.

National Gallop Budapest

Dates: 14-16 September
Place: Heroes Square
Entry: grand stand tickets from 3000 HUF

National Gallop is a massive event dedicated to Hungarian heritage and traditions. The highlight is obviously a horse riding race, where every citizen of Hungary of full can age take part. The event will be located on the largest and most impressive square of the city- Heroes Square. And can such event pass without delicious Hungarian cuisine or spirits? Of course no! “The Kitchen of Hungary” and “Wine Garden” will complete the full hussar experience for the guests offering local specialties.



Dates: 04-07 October
Place: Kincsem Park
Entry: daily ticket 1990 HUF, 4-day ticket 2990 HUF

If you don’t catch OktoberFest in Munich, there is not room for worries or regrets. Join one in Budapest! All the beer lovers will get a great opportunity to taste beer of all kinds presented by the best breweries of different countries and regions. Alongside tasting beer, the visitors can enjoy music concerts and variety of cultural programs.

Day of Hungarian Revolution of 1956

Dates: 23 October
Place: Kincsem Park
Entry: free

It is one of the most significant national holidays commemorating events of Hungarian Revolution in 1956. In this revolution Hungarian people were fighting against communist regime and Soviet oppression. Nowadays celebrations are all over the city and include memorial ceremonies, public speeches, procession and various programs.


Christmas Fair and Winter Festival           

Dates: 09 November- 31 December
Place: Vörösmarty Square
Entry: free

The Christmas Market at Vörösmarty Square will start to operate as early as 9th of November. At the market guests can find huge variety of local hand made goods, try some mulled wine or Palinka and enjoy delicious Mangalica sausages. Make sure to visit it if you want to get the festive and magical mood for the rest of your stay.

St. Martin’s Day Festival

Dates: 11 November
Place: counrtywide
Entry: depends on the venue

St. Martin’s Festival is a holiday celebrated nationally commemorating the patron for his good deeds. Both locals and tourists get great chance to eat geese meet and drink delicious Hungarian wines. The timing is just perfect as November is the month to open new wines after the harvest and slaughter spring-born geese, which got enough meat and weight. Many restaurants will be offering special menus on this date.


Christmas Fairs

Dates: December
Place: multiple venues
Entry: no charge

Christmas markets are another great reason to visit Budapest in December. They will be located in different parts of the city, attracting visitors with alluring smells of Hungarian delicacies and spirits as well as pleasant music and various performances. The biggest Christmas markets are the ones at Vörösmarty Square and St. Stephen’s Basilica.

Santa Speedo Run

santa speedo run budapest

Dates: December
Place: start from Gozsdu Courtyard
Entry: free

Ever seen dozens of underdressed Santas running through the streets of the city? If no, you shouldn’t miss this one. This hilarious event  is annual in Budapest with the main purpose to put smile on people’s faces and create some festive atmosphere. Keep running Santas!

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