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What are Hungarians like?

10 facts about Hungarian people and Hungary you would find surprising

                                                             1. Hungarians tend to invent a lot

hungarian invention rubiks cube

Hungarian people are great coming up with new things. Among many notable Hungarian inventions you most probably know these two. Rubik’s cube or Magic cube, mechanic puzzle by Hungarian sculptor and architect Ernő Rubik. Ballpoint pen, modern life day to day accessory also originates from Hungarian inventor László Bíró.

2. Hungarian Parliament is one of the biggest  in the world

With 691 rooms and 29 staircases Hungarian Parliament ranks on 3. place among the biggest parliament buildings in the world. Westminster palace in London and Romania’s Parliament building in Bucharest are the only two buildings bigger than House of nation (from Hungarian name Országház).

3. Hungarians are kickass smart nation

Don’t trust our opinion? Ask those guys at Nobels! 13 Nobel laureates place Hungary on the 13. place in the rank of countries to win Nobel price per capita worldwide.

4. It’s all thermal here in Hungary

Don’t forget your swimsuit if going to Hungary! Cut off from sea or ocean it has more than 1100 hot springs all over country to offer (around 100 of them can be found in Budapest only). Bathing culture has existed here since Roman times so no wonder that it is believed to cure everything, even hangover.

5. Hungary has the world’s first official wine region

If you ever been to Hungary, you know what Tokaji wine is.However, most probably you will be surprised to find out that Tokaji province is the world’s oldest determined wine growing region. It was established in 1737 by King Karoly, which is more than a century before the establishment of Bordeaux region in France. The wine making traditions go deep in the past as wine has been produced in Tokaj province since 5 A.D.

6. Hungary’s famous Kobe pork meat

mangalica pork great market

Mangalica is a Hungarian domestic pig breed. Second name Sheep-pig because of the sheep resembling hair it grows. It is famous for being among tastiest and healthiest pork types in world. In Hungary Mangalica pork is usually used to make sausages or salami.

7. Clinking beer mugs might offend you new Hungarian friends

During the Revolution of 1848 13 Hungarian generals were executed in Austria. The legend says that after each execution Austrians clinked their beer glasses. In honor of those generals memory Hungarian people never do cheers with beer. It is normal to clink with any other drinks though.

8. Budapest Synagogue is the largest in Europe

second biggest synagogue in the world

Dohány Street Synagogue is one of the top sights to visit when coming to Budapest. And not only it is the biggest synagogue in Europe but also the second biggest on Earth. It can seat up 3000 people and is outranked only by New York’s synagogue in the United States.

9. Hungarian people need government’s approval to  choose children’s name

Hungarian parents are legally obliged to name their children from government’s pre-approved list. In case the desired name is not on the list it should be applied for approval to the Research Institute for Linguistics of Hungarian Academy of Science. However it is not applied to children of foreign citizens.

10. Hungarian metro is one of oldest in the world

If ever in Budapest, don’t miss the chance to take a ride on Metro 1, the first underground railways on the territory of continental Europe and second oldest metro in the world. It was first open for public in 1896 with the main purpose to facilitate transportation to Budapest City Park. The metro line is perfectly functioning till nowadays and became one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2002.


by Segway King Team


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    Posted by David| 02.02.2018 |Reply

    Nice! Very interesting actually, I’ve been to Budapest once, but didn’t get to know all this info – my stay was way too short. Need to go there again and check it out. Oh and had no idea about the Synagogue 🙁 such a loss

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      Posted by lala| 02.02.2018 |Reply

      Thank you David! You definitely should come back. We will be happy to show you around! 🙂

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