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Events in Budapest 2018. Part 1

2018 has just started and it’s already time to plan vacation. If Budapest is one of the cities on your list, you should know about major events taking place this year. This magical vibrant city with great old charm has plenty to offer its visitors- music festivals, sporting attractions, cultural and culinary events and astonishing national holidays. We will tell you about the main highlights in 2018 you should definitely consider visiting if in Budapest.


Carnival in the Zoo

Dates: 02 – 04. February
Place: Zoo and Botanical Garden
Entry: adult tickets 2800 HUF

You are invited to take part in the first ever organized Animal Carnival by the Zoo in the very first week of February. No matter what age you are, you definitely will find something entertaining in the 150-years-old Zoo, while kids will have lots of fun creating puppets, making masks or getting their faces painted. By the way, the entrance fee is only 100 HUF (0.3 €) for children below 14, wearing masks or costumes.
mangalica sausages

Mangalica Festival

Dates: 09-11 February
Place: Szabadság tér
Entry: free

Any meat lovers here? This gastronomic event is a great opportunity to taste local goodies like sausages or hot meat dishes made of Hungarian heritage breed, mangalica pig. Mangalica is a hairy pig resembling sheep, the breed close to distinction and therefore protected by law. However, its meat is said to be better, healthier and tastier than traditional pork. Live music and local spirits make the festival complete.

Ball of Hungarian Wines

Dates: 24 February
Place: Corinthia Hotel Budapest
Entry: from 60000 HUF+ VAT per person

If you read our previous blog post, it won’t be a surprise for you that Hungarian Tokaji province is the oldest established wine region in the world, which appeared a century before Bordeaux in France. Wine lovers should definitely join this event as it will take place in fabulous Corinthia Hotel, where the guests will have a chance to taste more than 100 best and highest quality wines and even some champagne. More info about wine selection and program of the event can be found on their page.


Revolution Day –national holiday

Dates: 15 March
Place: several venues
Entry: free

This is one of the most significant National Holidays in Hungary, commemorating Revolution of 1848 against the Austrian Empire. On this day Hungarians are usually dressed in national colors- red, white and green. Tourists can enjoy festive processions, political speeches, and musical performances at different places of the city. Moreover, it is also an open day in Parliament, granting visitors the free entry and even out of charge tours around this stunning building.

Budapest Spring Fair

Dates: 23 March-22 April
Place: Vörösmarty Square
Entry: free

If you like local and authentic events, then spring is the perfect time for you to visit Budapest. On 23d of March the Spring Fair will be opened at Vörösmarty Square, following the success of the Christmas fair and bringing the festive mood back to the city. Vörösmarty will become a cultural center where tourists can get to know Hungarian culture better by tasting local food and spirits, admiring works of craftsmen and artists and listening to live music performances.

Budapest Spring Festival

Dates: 30 March-22 April
Place: multiple venues
Entry: depends on the venue

It is the largest cultural festival in Hungary, attracting artists and performers from all over the world to come and take part in this massive event. There will be more than 100 programs of all kinds at more than 40 locations guests will be able to choose from. Local fairs all over the city creating festive mood are wonderful addition to the festival.
easter in budapest

Easter in Budapest

Dates: 30 March-02 April
Place: multiple venues
Entry: free

Budapest is a great choice for Easter celebration surrounded by many attractions and cultural events. Two incredibly beautiful castles in Budapest- Várkert Bazaar and Vajdahunyad Castle will have their gates open for visitors to take part in the Easter festivals there, offering many family programs and activities. Visiting Vörösmarty Square on this Easter weekend is also a good idea as there will be lots of craft fairs, workshops and musical performances.

Budapest Art Week

Dates: 17-22 April
Place: multiple venues
Entry: from 4000 HUF

Art connoisseurs will be happy to hear that now they can visit over 100 exhibitions in more than 70 locations by purchasing only one wristband. Amazing news, isn’t it? The world of fine art opens for Budapest visitors for six days, during which guests will not only admire the art pieces but also participate in workshops, guided tours and different events in museums and exhibition halls. You can purchase family and individual tickets here.

Hyperspace Electronic Music Festival 

Dates: 21 April
Place: Hungexpo Budapest Fair Center
Entry: from 5990 HUF

Budapest is a vibrant city with active nightlife, where even the pickiest person can find something for his taste. However, on this specific night, April 21, huge fair center Hungexpo will be transformed into a giant dancehall. The lineup is already announced as well as the sales of early bird tickets have already started. Here’s a Facebook page of the event in case you need more information.


Budapest 100

Dates: 05-06 May
Entry: free

On this two-day event both locals and tourists get wonderful opportunity to visit 100 years old buildings in Budapest. More than 60 buildings are included in the program this year, waiting for visitors to get deep into their history by taking part in free guided tours and multiple events such as workshops and exhibitions.

Gourmet Festival 

Dates: 17-20 May
Place: Millenáris Park
Entry: daily tickets is 3900 HUF

It is one of the biggest gastronomic festivals in Hungary bringing together the best restaurants and producers of local specialties. The event will take place at the Millenáris Park, where apart from wine and food tastings guests will be able to enjoy music performances at two different stages. Join this kind of luxury picnic to find out more about current gastro trends and taste the best desserts and spirits out there.

Museum Festival

Dates: 19-20 May
Place: Hungarian National Museum
Entry: free

More than 120 museums will be brought together at the garden of Hungarian National Museum to cherish this festival. It is not only a great chance for art lovers to admire artworks and exhibitions, but great event for families to visit as there will be plenty of workshops, music and dance shows.

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