Segway in Budapest? The best way to explore Hungarian capital!

If you ever were wondering whether you should or shouldn’t do a Segway tour in Budapest, look no further. We are here to help you cast your doubts aside. From our experience there are several things that can make your trip much less fun. Luckily, this doesn’t apply to us .Operating Segway in Budapest is easy and fun and here is why:

Long distance:

Budapest is one of the largest cities in European Union. Main touristic sights are well spread around the city and are not concentrated in one smaller area like in Prague. Covering most of these places by foot or public transport might take a day or two. On the other hand, distance is not that big as in Paris so you can visit most of the spots on a single Segway tour. For instance on our 3 hour tour we will show you the most of “the must see” sights of Budapest (both Buda and Pest sides as well as Heroes square).

Local law restrictions:

Anti-Segway advertising in Prague

Good news is Segway is almost not affected by Hungarian law. It is allowed to drive on sidewalks and bike lines and there are no restricted areas, so you can cover every single sight by this self-balancing transporter. Budapest in this case has huge advantage in comparison to Barcelona or Prague where you can ride Segway PT only in specified locations. There is also no age limit for driving a segway. In Hungary anyone who can handle this self-balancing scooter may use it in public areas. This is especially great for families with children under 16 who wouldn’t be allowed to drive Segway in countries like Italy or Germany.


You can ride Segway on most of the surfaces but it works best with the flat surfaces of grass, gravel or asphalt.  Everyone who has been on Segway knows cobblestones are the worst. Road unevennesses like holes, stones and level difference might be quite disappointing slowing down the transporter. In Budapest roads and sidewalks are great (except for the way to Buda castle). So be prepared for a fast ride! 🙂

Street size:

Narrow streets can be a problem for Segway riders. Add some pedestrian traffic and you will end up maneuvering in the crowd instead of enjoying the glide. In Budapest streets are mostly wide allowing even two alongside going Segways not to block the way. So if you are concerned about running over someone on a Segway it is most probably not gonna happen in here.


If you have ever been on a Segway, you know this great feeling of first climbing up or going down the hill by leaning your body forward and backward. Oh yes, what an extraordinary sensation! Budapest has to offer two breathtaking viewpoints both located on hills- Buda castle and Citadella. It is sure you won’t regret covering one of those sights by Segway. Saving time and effort you will see how great Segways manage to climb up without any difficulty.


Budapest is a great city for doing a Segway tour even for first time riders. It won’t only help you to save time, effort and feet but will be extremely fun due to the great conditions of the roads and streets.



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