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In 5 years of working with Segways I have heard a lot of different questions concerning these personal transporters. People ask about battery life, maintenance problems, risk of falling and tons of others. Even though Segway PT is more than 10 years old it is still pretty new and groundbreaking thing for lots of people. This article is about one the most frequent segway questions and which has a pretty shocking answer. Yes, we are going to talk about How much does a Segway cost or Segway price.

Nowadays there are 3 models of classical segway with two wheels and handlebar. So let’s discuss which personal transporter are we going to buy!

Segway HT

The first type was unveiled to the public in 2001 by ABC ‘s Good Morning America program. Steering system is one of the main things that differs this segway generation from the next ones. Comes under HT abbreviation, which means Human Transporter. Turning was accomplished by revolving the handle up or down. Original price in 2002 was $4950 in U.S.

segway ht

Segway PT

With the second generation Segway brings two-wheel transportation to even higher level. Abbreviation for this one is PT, as personal transporter. SteerLean technology allow you to turn your transporter much easier only by tilting handlebar from side to side. Every transporter comes with InfoKey, a small wireless controller to show you speed, battery charge and speed modes. Model has been manufactured since 2004 till 2015 and comes in two types: i2 (smaller city model) and X2 (bigger wheels offroad model). Out of retail right now. This Segway price for used ones vary from 2000$ up to 4500$ in U.S. and 3000€ up to 4500€ in Europe according to mileage, type and so on.

second generation segway i2 and x2

Segway PT SE

Third and the latest generation of Segway PT gets an additional two letters “SE” to its name. Sales of this model were launched in 2015. It has all the same driving specifications as the second generation. Maximum speed is 20 km/h, maximum load 118 kg, maximum range with full battery up to 30 km. New form of handlebar, front and back lights this is all what distinguishes third Segway PT from the second one.

the latest segway model segway se

The latest model row, Segway SE is the only one you can buy in the shop or online. The basic brand new Segway SE i2 package price is 6000$ in U.S. and around 6500€ – 7000 € in Europe, correlates with VAT rates, country regulations and so on. X2 model price is around 6500$ in U.S. and up to 8000€ in Europe. You can find better deals contacting your local dealer. Used SE Segway are usually 1500 – 2000 $ cheaper than new ones. Lack of the companies warranty is the biggest con in this case.

To conclude everything written above I would say that Segway price might be pretty high, but Segway itself has proven to be a really durable and safe vehicle, great for shorter distances and emission free.

Buying a used segway is not a bad decision if it was maintained well. One of the oldest segways in our company was manufactured in 2008. It still works great with more than 10 000 miles behind it!

Hope you find this post helpful!

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