Top 10 places to visit.

What to do in Budapest?

Budapest is a great combination of interesting history with great modern and beautiful architecture. It is offering wide variety of attraction’s and activities for its visitors. Even the pickiest person might find something interesting and special for him or her in this city.

In this post, we will list the TOP 10 things to do and see in Budapest:

Stephen’s Basilica

Visit to one of the most significant religious buildings in Hungary, when you are travelling to Budapest- is a must. Good news – there is no entrance fee , so you can easily go inside and admire stunning interiors of Basilica. As this is a saint place, it is also preferable for those entering the Basilica to cover their shoulders and knees. Moreover, if you are fond of music, you will be happy to know that there is a great opportunity to enjoy organ and classic music concerts inside this beautiful church.


The building was done in Gothic style and it will definitely amaze you with its unusual shape and appearance. It is considered to be one of the biggest constructions in Hungary. We suggest you to explore this fantastic building from every angle and corner. There can be found plenty of tours offered in different parts inside the building of Parliament. If you are not interested to go inside, then at least have a walk by Danube Promenade through the Chain Bridge to the Buda side of the city to see the Parliament in its full glory.


Margaret Island

Margaret island is a green gem of Budapest, two and a half kilometers long, located between Buda and Pest sides of the city. It is a great place to take a walk, to have a picnic, to ride a bicycle, to gather with friends and many more. Margaret Island offers its visitors great variety of things to do and to see from singing fountains to mini zoo or a rose garden. In case you are not fond of walking, there is a couple of companies that rent bicycles, golf cards, electric scooters and other types of electric vehicles.

Heroes’ Square

Heroes’ Square and its monument, located in the end of Andrassy Avenue about 2,4 km away from the city center , is a symbol of thousands of years of the Hungarian conquest. You can see Archangel Gabriel, who is holding Hungarian crown, on the top of the central column, and equestrian statues of the seven chiefs of Magyars below him. At either of the column there are also 7 bronze statues representing famous Hungarian people, while the reliefs under statues represent significant historical events in the life of the country. This place is a must visit in order to get deeper understanding of cultural and historical aspects of Hungarian life.

Fisherman’s Bastion

If you see Fisherman’s Bastion, you will definitely get an impression of the Medieval Ages, however this monument is quite new as it was built in 20th century. Going up the Fisherman’s Bastion will get you great opportunity to enjoy stunning panoramic views on Danube, Margaret Island and Parliament.

Interesting to know, there are seven towers on the Bastion and each one represents the Hungarian tribe, while the Bastion itself was called after the Guild of Fishermen, who were defending that part of the city in the Middle Ages. We highly recommend you to climb up the Fishermen’s Bastion to watch the beautiful picture of the sun setting down.


Synagogue in Budapest is a must visit place, taking into consideration the fact that it is the biggest one in Europe and second biggest Synagogue worldwide outside of Israel. It is incredibly beautiful outside and inside. Keep in mind that there is always an entrance fee if you want to go inside to admire its terrific interiors.

Great market

It is the most popular marketplace in Budapest, where you can find almost everything you could even wish for: from the best local groceries and specialties till cheap hand-made souvenirs in different shapes and forms. Look at those fresh chili peppers, they look delicious, don’t they?

Gellert Hill and Liberty Statue

Gellert Hill is a great place to discover, offering wide range of attractions for tourists. First of all, when going to the hill you will first see the Gellert statue and waterfall placed underneath it. On the way up, you can make a stop in the philosophic garden as it is a great viewpoint and a place where you can rest a bit from the noise of the city. Continue your way till the top of the hill to discover beautiful Citadel and Liberty statue- you will be amazed by the breathtaking monuments and views from the top!

Thermal Baths

Budapest is considered to be the city of spas, thus going to the thermal bath is a must do. There are plenty of natural warm springs under the city, and obviously a great number of options. However, we would recommend you to visit one of these baths:

  • Széchenyi Bath–the largest medical bath in Europe with two big thermal pools outside;
  • Gellert Bath – one of the biggest spas in Budapest with amazing open-air pool turning into wave pool;
  • Rudas bath – was established in 16th century (!!!) and it has a great rooftop pool with thermal water.

Moreover, you can find plenty of other small and big pools, saunas and spa treatments in these complexes. The average daily ticket price is 6000 HUF.

Ruin Pubs

If you are fond of night life, music and drinking, we do suggest you to visit ruin pubs, Budapest is quite famous for. The ruin pubs are condemned and disserted building transformed into party zones. Different pubs have their unique styles, so you might consider visiting a couple to find your favorite. There are usually big separated spaces inside so you can travel from one hall to the other, to find your preferred type of music or some special drinks. The most popular ruin pubs are Fogas Ház, Szimpla and Instant.

The majority of places mentioned in the post (apart from pubs and baths) are easily accessible by Segway. Thus, consider making a Segway tour with us to cover all the sightseeing places within a couple of hours. We will be happy to discover Budapest with you

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